balatstar (balatstar) wrote,

use it or lose it?

Signed up for the Japanese 3 module at UP Linguistics. For the first session, we were asked to write a one-paragraph jikoshoukai (self-introduction), but for the first five or so minutes, the only sentence pattern I could think of was 'Watashi wa Joyce Cruz desu.' Hahaha! I can't for the life of me remember how to say where I live, or where I work!

Eventually I remembered the X ga daisuki/daikirai desu pattern, so I was able to add another sentence. And then I asked my seatmate how to say where I'm from (~kara kimashita), so I managed to eke out three sentences. XDDD

Sayang yata sa akin ang mga modules na to a! Hehehehe.

Well anyway, I made the class chuckle a bit when I said, "Inu to neko ga daisuki desu ga gokiburi ga daikirai desu." (I love dogs and cats but I hate cockroaches.) ;D
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