balatstar (balatstar) wrote,


Ughhh I really hate getting sick. I get sick so rarely now that it feels like such a punishment when I do (di tulad dati when I was always sick, sanay na). What's worse is I can't even go out of my room because my newborn nephew might catch whatever it is I have.

So here I am, alternately feeling super-hot and super-chilly but always crappy-crummy, stuck in my room with nothing to do but play Candy Crush, read old books, and watch old downloads and YT videos.


G-dragon really really reminds me of hide. (It's not their songs, nor how they look; more how they both feel like when I'm watching them. It's like they have the same sort of energy? I don't know, I can't explain.)

I hope they don't end up the same.

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