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The Galaxy According To BalatStar
all five horizons revolve around my soul
My Nihongo 3 experience 
26th-Nov-2013 05:04 pm
Sorry, but I'm highly unsatisfied with our Nihongo 3 instructor. He always comes to our 3-hour class at least 30 minutes late (usually more), and dismisses us at least 30 minutes early. Which doesn't leave us with enough time for examples and practice exercises to apply the new sentence/grammar patterns.

When one of our classes was canceled because of a typhoon, we had to beg him for a make-up class, even though the Linguistics department already announced that there would be make-up classes for the missed session.

Furthermore, he insists on not covering the kanji lessons from each chapter, telling us that we should just learn it ourselves because "we don't need to learn to write kanji anyway, we just have to be able to read it." WTF??!!! So we cajole him into teaching us, and he crams them all in one and a half sessions. We're supposed to have memorized 4 chapters' worth (50++) of kanji by the next class. Okay, thanks for that.

I agree that spoonfeeding isn't the best way to teach, and I don't expect it of him. But honestly, his method is just downright sloppy and LAZY. Hello, if I wanted someone to just paraphrase to me what's on the book, I'd have just downloaded it and saved up on class fees.

I hope he doesn't teach any higher courses because I never want to be "taught" by him ever again.


There's really a huge difference in attitude when you're taking a class for credits and when you're taking it because you want to learn. If I were taking this class back in college, he'd probably be one of my favorite teachers. Hahaha!


I kinda miss my module 2 instructor, Miss Weng. She's very thorough. I never had to put in a lot of effort outside of class to learn; she always made sure everyone already has a firm grasp of each concept before moving on to the next. She'd just drill us with exercise after exercise until the sentence patterns come naturally.
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