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The Galaxy According To BalatStar
all five horizons revolve around my soul
nothing to see here but old old fresh news 
7th-Feb-2014 10:51 am
So I just heard from the grapevine that back when we were in high school, there was a rumor going around that one of our team captains had a relationship with our batch's favorite nun. OMG! If true, it sure would explain the birthday gift of a Chips Ahoy mountain, and the following us from junior to senior year! Hahaha!!

Not that I believe the truth of it (I really can't, sorry). But that such a juicy rumor existed and I hadn't heard is extremely hard to digest!! Have I been living in a hole all those years?!


I'm still wondering why, out of everyone in our HS class, only my two closest friends and I disliked that nun so much. Everybody else adored her. Well, actually, a lot of students from other batches hated her, too. But we belonged to the batch that was the nun's favorite. So why didn't we fall for her charm? Were we that dysfunctional? Or just immune to her Jedi Sith mind tricks? Heheh.



I remember when a nun had us keep a journal which we update with our thoughts weekly. I didn't really think she'd go around reading everyone's stuff, so one time I wrote about being confused whether I hated God or didn't believe he existed, because our puppy died even after I prayed hard for him to get well. I got my journal back with those entries underlined in red ink!

She didn't do anything other than use her red ink, though. At the time, I was glad. In hindsight I'd have to say... what a useless crone! A better teacher/nun would have at least tried to counsel an obviously depressed kid, di ba? :/
7th-Feb-2014 06:57 am (UTC)
Lol, dude, if they liked her that much they wouldnt go tell that rumor. You and your friends just didnt bother hiding it.

Sorry about your puppy. Yeah, she should have written something.
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