balatstar (balatstar) wrote,

because i'm sick of paying for something i detest (gym, what else?!)

I didn't renew my gym membership at Richmonde. Instead, I'll try this out:
HASfit 30-Day Fitness Challenge Program

It's free, with videos I can follow along. Looks promising. I won't be following the actual calendar, though (I don't think I can do 5x/week workouts). I'll just go through them one by one on my usual M-W-F schedule. So it will be more like a 45-day program (or whatever, I'm too lazy to do the math :p).

[Update 2/19]
Of course, the downside of this cheapo plan is that if net goes down, I can't do any workouts. Ugh. I should have downloaded a few of the videos last week. PLDT technical problems in our area usually last weeks (even months, if I'm lucky). :/

[Update 2/20]
Found this DIY option for when I have no net:
Periodic Table of Bodyweight Exercises

Now I don't have an excuse to slack off. :)
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