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Wheel of Time, Extra Challenge

Because I am bored, I'm reading the Wheel of Time series backwards, from Book 14 to Book 1. Well, I guess that's not really backwards because I still read each book from chapter 1 to the last. I guess it's more like reading in Okazaki fragments. Hahaha! (Sorry, #MBBjoke)

I surprisingly find I'm enjoying the Brandon Sanderson books more, now that I'm not reading them fresh after Jordan's installments. I still want to kick his over-discussy ass at some scenes, and still think there are far too many Perrin chapters and too few Mat Cauthon ones (I think BS finds it difficult to write in Mat's voice), but I don't gnash my teeth all the time anymore. And his battle scenes are actually quite fun. Of course, I'm not at his worst book yet, so I'll have to hold off on conclusions until then.

Perrin, Rand and Mat. Yummy Ta'veren fanart by dem888.

Okay, so I finished reading Brandon Sanderson's worst WoT book and... it wasn't so bad! I was even able to read the chapter I thought was ridiculously corny (that Hinderstap episode) without twitching. I might have stumbled on the proper way to read these books without getting frustrated as hell! :D

Next time, I'll try reading from the beginning, and then take a 1- or 2-month break after Jordan's books, maybe read horrible pulp novels like Twilight and the 50 Shades series, before moving on to the Sanderson WoT books. Might also work, yeah?
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