balatstar (balatstar) wrote,

how you transform an electric kettle to lechon cebu


I bought this model of Hanabishi electric kettle last January and had to get it exchanged for a new one after a month because it broke down. The replacement broke down again last week (April). We're a coffee-/tea-drinking family, so the kettle has been through a lot of use, but breaking down every 1-2 months is downright ridiculous. I appreciate the one-year warranty on the product, but really, I don't want to go back all the time just to get it replaced/repaired!

So I asked for a refund, and SM Supermarket nicely agreed to give me one, even if I'm way past the 7-day return window. (I think I've gotten pretty good at demanding things in my dotage. Hehe.) They didn't have any other brands of electric kettles, though, so I didn't know what to get as a replacement. I ended up getting lechon cebu. Hahahaha! I've always wanted to try some; I finally have an excuse! XDDD

I need to get another kettle, though. Something that's not a sucky Hanabishi. It's such a hassle to wait over 10 minutes for water to boil on the stove. When I want my tea, I want it now! (Or in 2-3 minutes, which is how long I have to wait for water to boil in an electric kettle.)
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