balatstar (balatstar) wrote,

Dragged myself to the health clinic today for our APE (annual physical exam). Why these things are scheduled in the middle of summer is beyond me. The 15-minute trek from the office to the clinic under the glaring sun was horrible.

The consulting doctor found what were probably imaginary lumps on my breasts (I tried feeling for them after, but couldn't find any). I think she just wants the commission/TF on the breast ultrasound, which I heard was quite expensive, but that she confirmed was covered by my HMO (she asked me what my HMO provider was before prescribing the test). Okay. I didn't have time to take the ultrasound today (I was only on lunch break) so I'll just go back when the weather is cooler. If I die of breast cancer before then, you can all just leave i-told-you-so notes by my gravestone. ;P

If you're wondering why I'm being blase about this, it's just experience. Last year they found "cardiac arrhythmia" and prescribed a batch of what I'd also guess were pretty expensive tests (of course, covered by my HMO). I didn't go for those tests, because I saw the reading they based it on was just off by 1 point from the normal. And don't even get me started on all the other urinalysis re-tests and specialist consults from just a slight deviation on the normal urinalysis numbers (and that one doctor actually confided to me was "OA"). These health clinics are big business.
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