balatstar (balatstar) wrote,

Bryan Fuller and Hannibal

Oh, I didn't know that the creator of Hannibal (Bryan Fuller) also created two other shows I used to like watching: Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies. So I guess I'm a long-time fan, just oblivious of the fact? :D

At least, Hannibal already escaped the 2-season curse of Fuller's previous shows. I hope it lasts the whole planned 6-season run. It's currently my favorite ongoing show. I think I actually liked Hannibal's most recent season better than the most recent Sherlock. And I'm a die-hard Sherlock fangirl! *gasp*

I love the beautiful cinematography, the loaded dialogue (nobody really talks like that in real life, but it's just so SEXY), Hannibal's elegant 3-piece suits, Will's cute dogs... and of course, the gorgeous food (I don't care if a lot of those are people xD).

That Hannibal season 2 finale, though... I have no words! Well, almost. I don't know whether to squee with kilig or die from the deluge of feels. It's been days since I've seen it, and my heart still races every time I think about those final few minutes. I don't think I can last waiting until next year!



Tags: hannibal, tv series
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