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The Galaxy According To BalatStar
all five horizons revolve around my soul
So I just heard from the grapevine that back when we were in high school, there was a rumor going around that one of our team captains had a relationship with our batch's favorite nun. OMG! If true, it sure would explain the birthday gift of a Chips Ahoy mountain, and the following us from junior to senior year! Hahaha!!

Not that I believe the truth of it (I really can't, sorry). But that such a juicy rumor existed and I hadn't heard is extremely hard to digest!! Have I been living in a hole all those years?!


I'm still wondering why, out of everyone in our HS class, only my two closest friends and I disliked that nun so much. Everybody else adored her. Well, actually, a lot of students from other batches hated her, too. But we belonged to the batch that was the nun's favorite. So why didn't we fall for her charm? Were we that dysfunctional? Or just immune to her Jedi Sith mind tricks? Heheh.



I remember when a nun had us keep a journal which we update with our thoughts weekly. I didn't really think she'd go around reading everyone's stuff, so one time I wrote about being confused whether I hated God or didn't believe he existed, because our puppy died even after I prayed hard for him to get well. I got my journal back with those entries underlined in red ink!

She didn't do anything other than use her red ink, though. At the time, I was glad. In hindsight I'd have to say... what a useless crone! A better teacher/nun would have at least tried to counsel an obviously depressed kid, di ba? :/
24th-Jan-2014 09:26 am - Yay
I am now able to semi-confidently backwards park between two cars. Yeah, just thought I'd mention it. :D
14th-Jan-2014 03:00 pm - Sherlock: His Last Vow
Hrmmm. That third episode of Sherlock 3 was a little thin on the logic, wasn't it?

The second episode had a good idea for plot and mystery but didn't quite get the execution right. It got boring and plodding at times. Still, a few scenes were pretty touching and memorable.

This third one, though. I really, really wanted to like it, but I can't. The idea was there. So was the action. Execution was okay. It just wasn't.... clever enough. A lot of times I found myself arguing with the screen because of the characters' unnatural (re)actions, which made the plot progression extremely heavy-handed and, well, plotted.

I mean, just to mention a couple of items that really got my nerves itchy:

SPOILERS!Collapse )


I DID love a few details, though. And I mean really LOVE them. Like ...spoilersCollapse )


For Sherlock S4, I predict that the unknown Holmes is somewhat responsible for 'bringing back' Moriarty. Oh, and I predict that the series will start off with John moving back into Baker Street after his wife's death. (Well, yeah, that second one is half prediction and half wishful thinking. :D)
11th-Jan-2014 10:36 pm - squall
Had to take Squall to the 24-hour vet at 1 AM today because he wouldn't (couldn't?) lie down since after his dinner, even if he looked like he was ready to fall asleep on his feet, and my sis didn't know what to make of it. However, vet couldn't find what was wrong with him, either, because his blood test came out normal and he doesn't seem to be in pain. So sleepness night for all.

Tonight, Squall fell asleep in my sister's room. I'm not supposed to wake him up, but I don't think I can sleep without him by my bed! I can't be without my warm and furry security blanket. T___T


PS Vet said it's okay if Squall doesn't lie down all night because dogs are able to sleep even when standing up. Ummmm, yeah. No. :|
5th-Jan-2014 11:08 am - An ordinary weekend with Squall
I walk to my room, carrying my freshly microwaved lunch and a mug of green tea, which is the usual for weekends. Squall is there, just outside the door. I try to entice him in with the smell of food but he just stares, unconvinced.

I go in, plop my plate, and myself, in front of the PC, watch the latest episode of Sherlock for maybe the millionth time. It's the first episode out, after the 2-year hiatus. John has a girlfriend, and Sherlock is, short version: Not Dead.

My door opens and in comes Squall. He parks himself beside my chair, looks at me with forlorn eyes. "Mummy, food!" The words come out of my lips but it is he who says it. "No, Hunnykie," I reply, in my own voice. This is how conversations go between me and Squall, not unlike a ventriloquist and his puppet. Today, lunch is spaghetti, with drippy tomato sauce and ground pork, which is impossible to feed him without making a mess.

After a while, he gives up, walks out. I get up and close the door. I feel uncomfortable watching shows with the bedroom door open. The disembodied sounds are possibly irritations to others, like neighbors singing karaoke in full volume in the middle of the night.

Squall sees me close the door, and after a few seconds, he opens it again. He gets suspicious when my door is closed. He wants me in sight. He stations himself back beside my chair. I look at him and smile. I try to rub his head but he ducks away. He doesn't want my touch, just my food. He gets bored, walks out again. I wait a few minutes to make sure he's out of range before I get up to close the door.

This time it takes him a few minutes to come back in.

"Bunny," I say in exasperation.

He stares at my plate for a few minutes. When he gets bored watching me watch Sherlock, he walks over to his corner, curls up and goes to sleep.
4th-Jan-2014 03:28 pm - Short Version: Not Dead.
I thought I'd hate Mary, but I liked her. And she's right. We do need shirts that say "I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes." :D

Okay, so the first episode was pretty thin on plot and not too good on the mystery as well, but I LOVED IT! It's funny and entertaining, and all the characters were such a delight to watch. Besides, we haven't had a Sherlock episode in, what, twoish years?! I don't mind being re-introduced to each character at all, and finding out how they've changed in those years they've been away from our screens. And really, it felt like the writers knew exactly what would grab their audience by their (halfly-nonexistent) balls.

I won't give a detailed review. I'm sure there are already a lot of those out there written by people more eloquent than me. But here are some of my highlights:


Also, posting this prequel mini-episode here for posterity. A smile and a winkCollapse )


And for the curious, non-English folk:

1. his nibs

Someone who gives a command or makes a demand, often one who acts in a self-important manner, sometimes one with authority; - used mockingly as a jocose term, as if a title of honor, but not usually in the presence of the person referred to, and usually indicating resentment or contempt. Source

Usage: "I have six months of bristly kisses for me and his nibs turns up..."

2. Derren Brown

Derren Brown (born 27 February 1971) is a British illusionist, mentalist, trickster, hypnotist, painter, writer, and sceptic. Source

Usage: "A bungee rope, a mask, Derren Brown... two years and the theories keep getting more stupid."

3. There is no unused station in Sumatra Road, but abandoned stations really do exist.
The cons of driving to work:

  1. Public commute to and from work is an easy-peasy 30-minute tricycle + FX ride.

  2. I can't daydream during the trip.

  3. I can't sleep on the way.

  4. I get stressed thinking about parking.

  5. I can't buy food from my favorite carinderia because there aren't any places to park a car nearby.

  6. Parking fee + gas.

The pros:

  1. Car needs the exercise.

Dude. Enough said?
Here's a look back at the goals I made for this year:

1. Stop letting people bully me or treat me like sh*t. If they don't like me and what I do, then tough luck. Next year, peg ko si Cherry J. for her focus and her no-nonsense approach. No more Miss Nice Joyce. I'm not vying for the popularity vote. Kanilang kanila na yun!

I guess I sort of accomplished this one, but I should try some more next year. I think maybe I should also edit this to add that I should also be more mindful of the duties and responsibilities of my job, and also spend more effort bonding with my newbies (who I guess still need less carinyo brutal and more actual carinyo, at least during their first year XD).

2. Save up for a car!!!

Done and done! I finally bought my first car -- a 1.3G Vios -- with my own money, last July! I feel like such an adult. *proud*

3. Learn how to do my own make-up.

Fail. :(

4. Spend my vacation in Japan. By hook or by crook.

Fail on this one, too. But I was able to travel to other countries for Japanese-music-related stuff, so I guess it's not a total fail.

5. Learn to drive for real. (I do have a driver's license but I don't even know how to start a car. XD)

This was actually a 2012 goal that I gave up on for 2013 because I didn't think it was realistic. But I actually did it! I enrolled at a driving school and re-took the license exam, and got a new license without resorting to the lagay system. Hahaha! I really passed on my own merit! I should practice parking more, though. It always stresses me out.

Some my other achievements this year that weren't part of New Year's resolutions:

1. I saw GLAY live for the first time! After, like, over ten years of being a fan?!!

2. I saw Luna Sea again!! I already saw them back in 2008 at the hide memorial summit, where they announced that they had plans of getting back together. And when they finally did this year, I was able to see them at their first live tour!

3. Well, nothing beats seeing two of my most favorite jrock bands to jump-start my interest in learning Nihongo. So, years and years (and years) after I took Nihongo 10 and 11, I signed up for continuation modules at UP Linguistics. As of December 2013, I've completed up to Japanese Intermediate 1. I've also already signed up for the next module, which begins on January. :)

4. Traveled to Singapore for the first time (at a budget budget LOL!). I stayed at my friend's (Sherelyn) place, and she toured me around.

5. Established a fairly regular gym routine. I've been going to the gym on my lunch hour, and so far it's a lot more effective than dragging myself to gym after work, when I feel really tired already. I only get in around 30 minutes of actual workout time though, but at least I rarely miss a gym day.

6. I found a long-term renter for my Berkeley condo unit. Passive income, yes.

7. This one isn't really an achievement, but more of an update: my sister gave birth to my first-ever 1st-degree nephew! It's so exciting (and challenging) to have a baby around the house again. I don't know, but I feel more cheerful with him around.

8. Squall turned 13!!! ♥♥♥♥


Aaaaannnd here are my resolutions and goals for 2014:

1. Be more mindful of the duties and responsibilities of my job, and also spend more effort bonding with my newbies. And be nicer! (To the nice people, at least.)

2. Learn to do my own make-up.

3. Spend my birthday in Japan!

4. Learn to parallel-park.

5. Get JLPT level 3 certification.

6. Earn enough I-am-the-boss-of-me income so I can quit my day job any time I want to.

7. Keep loving Squall with all my heart. (This one's easy-peasy and good as done. :D)

I know I don't usually have a good track record when I have set more than 3 or 4 goals for the year. But I feel these ones (except for #6) are doable enough. And look: no diet and losing weight goals! That's an achievement in itself, yeah?

Wish me luck!
TDP Christmas Party at Opus

The Design People Christmas Party at Opus (Resorts World)

I wasn't feeling well this night, so I didn't really enjoy it much. I got in about an hour late, and the finger food was already mostly gone. Posh location, though, and everyone was dressed to the nines. I had to leave early because I was getting a headache and sort of getting hungry. Had a late dinner at McDonald's with my sis, who accompanied me to the venue because I couldn't drive alone.

ZS friends meetup at QC

With my college buddies

It was Fungi's idea to meet up at UP and then drive to the floating (fishing?) restaurant in Pililla, but when we got to our meeting place at 11AM, he said we were already too late for lunch because we still had to fish. I don't know why he set the meet-up at 11AM, though, if it was going to be too late. The guy's weird! XD

So anyway, we ended up at the new UP Town Center, which none of us have been to and which was only a few minutes away from the meeting place. We had a hearty ramen lunch at Ryu (which was ho-hum). We roamed the rest of the area after lunch, but there really wasn't anything much to look at. So we drove off to Katipunan and had coffee and cake at Banapple, which was where the above photo was taken.

Christmas Day with my family


Christmas with the family

This year, we didn't follow our tradition where we open gifts at exactly 12 midnight because our new baby, Aky, was already asleep. We opened gifts in the morning when he woke up.

With TDP friends at SM Aura

Holiday Meet-up with the Literati at SM Aura

Had lunch with some of my ex-officemates at Cafe Mary Grace in SM Aura. I really miss these guys and their conversation!
26th-Nov-2013 05:04 pm - My Nihongo 3 experience
Sorry, but I'm highly unsatisfied with our Nihongo 3 instructor. He always comes to our 3-hour class at least 30 minutes late (usually more), and dismisses us at least 30 minutes early. Which doesn't leave us with enough time for examples and practice exercises to apply the new sentence/grammar patterns.

When one of our classes was canceled because of a typhoon, we had to beg him for a make-up class, even though the Linguistics department already announced that there would be make-up classes for the missed session.

Furthermore, he insists on not covering the kanji lessons from each chapter, telling us that we should just learn it ourselves because "we don't need to learn to write kanji anyway, we just have to be able to read it." WTF??!!! So we cajole him into teaching us, and he crams them all in one and a half sessions. We're supposed to have memorized 4 chapters' worth (50++) of kanji by the next class. Okay, thanks for that.

I agree that spoonfeeding isn't the best way to teach, and I don't expect it of him. But honestly, his method is just downright sloppy and LAZY. Hello, if I wanted someone to just paraphrase to me what's on the book, I'd have just downloaded it and saved up on class fees.

I hope he doesn't teach any higher courses because I never want to be "taught" by him ever again.


There's really a huge difference in attitude when you're taking a class for credits and when you're taking it because you want to learn. If I were taking this class back in college, he'd probably be one of my favorite teachers. Hahaha!


I kinda miss my module 2 instructor, Miss Weng. She's very thorough. I never had to put in a lot of effort outside of class to learn; she always made sure everyone already has a firm grasp of each concept before moving on to the next. She'd just drill us with exercise after exercise until the sentence patterns come naturally.
8th-Nov-2013 06:08 pm - Destiel ulit
Found this on Tumblr. Bentang benta! XD

4th-Nov-2013 10:43 am - Loki'd
Well, obviously I already saw Thor 2. And I got to wondering... are there actual women out there who prefer Thor over Loki? Because I don't think I know any.

Snarky is the new sexy.
25th-Oct-2013 09:50 am - carry on, my wayward son
These kids! XDDD

The Supernatural fandom is exploding.

Seriously? And news flash: just because Cas has intimate relations with some girl doesn't mean your Destiel ship will never, ever sail. Especially if the chances of him ever seeing said girl again is next to nil. ;P

Supernatural and its fandom have gotten so ridiculous that it's really a waste of time following both. But I still do. They're my guilty pleasures. LOL!
19th-Oct-2013 08:24 pm - today in class
Got paired with the annoying girl in Japanese class for the と言っている interview exercise. I don't know if she's really あたまがわるい or just nagpapa-cute.

Me (asking the first question from the workbook): "What kind of music do you frequently listen to?"
Annoying girl (in a pa-tweetums tone): "Um, I don't know how to answer that, could you ask me another question?"
Me: "Okay, I'll answer that first one and you take the next... I frequently listen to pop music."
Annoying girl: "Huh, what? Ummmmm. Should we ask sensei?"



Earlier in class also, we were being asked to describe what each other was wearing. Annoying girl sat at the last row, so she was the last one to speak. When it was her turn, after everyone else has had a go, she says, very very slowly, "Um, we're describing what we're wearing, right?"

Jeeezus. *headdesk*
7th-Oct-2013 11:30 am - vroom
I was always under the impression that the drivers on Metro Manila roads are pretty cutthroat and unforgiving, but now that I'm driving, I realized that that's not really true. Most drivers will actually let you pass/overtake (if you signal correctly so they know what you're planning), even in slow-moving traffic. The only ones who regularly won't give way are the jeepney drivers, but even so, I've yet to meet any with the extreme devil-may-care attitude I expected (knock on wood).

Also, I noticed that the roads are pretty effing scary on Saturdays. Twenty-wheeler trucks are all over the place, and I always seem to end up sandwiched (or worse, boxed) between them! Just my luck, my only real need to drive is on Saturdays, for the Nihongo class at UP, which is such a hassle to go to by public transport.

Meanwhile, I still don't know how to park and do U-turns. XDD
24th-Sep-2013 07:13 pm - sick
Ughhh I really hate getting sick. I get sick so rarely now that it feels like such a punishment when I do (di tulad dati when I was always sick, sanay na). What's worse is I can't even go out of my room because my newborn nephew might catch whatever it is I have.

So here I am, alternately feeling super-hot and super-chilly but always crappy-crummy, stuck in my room with nothing to do but play Candy Crush, read old books, and watch old downloads and YT videos.


G-dragon really really reminds me of hide. (It's not their songs, nor how they look; more how they both feel like when I'm watching them. It's like they have the same sort of energy? I don't know, I can't explain.)

I hope they don't end up the same.

23rd-Sep-2013 01:55 pm - use it or lose it?
Signed up for the Japanese 3 module at UP Linguistics. For the first session, we were asked to write a one-paragraph jikoshoukai (self-introduction), but for the first five or so minutes, the only sentence pattern I could think of was 'Watashi wa Joyce Cruz desu.' Hahaha! I can't for the life of me remember how to say where I live, or where I work!

Eventually I remembered the X ga daisuki/daikirai desu pattern, so I was able to add another sentence. And then I asked my seatmate how to say where I'm from (~kara kimashita), so I managed to eke out three sentences. XDDD

Sayang yata sa akin ang mga modules na to a! Hehehehe.

Well anyway, I made the class chuckle a bit when I said, "Inu to neko ga daisuki desu ga gokiburi ga daikirai desu." (I love dogs and cats but I hate cockroaches.) ;D
4th-Sep-2013 02:07 pm - Birthdays and birth days!
I celebrated my birthday with my family the day before my real birthday, which fell on a Monday. We had an al fresco lunch at the backyard! O devah, sushal! Actually, we were getting our electrical wirings fixed, so we didn't have any choice but to eat outside because it was too dark inside. Hahaha!

And of course, my birthdays are Pinoy food fiesta days! This year we had beef caldereta, special laing, lechon kawali, and the ever-present fried rice! Yum!!

al fresco birthday lunch!

with my loves

I forgot to order cake, but Squall got me one the next day (which was my actual birthday)!



I was on leave on my birthday, but the next day I treated the day shift to pancake breakfasts. I wanted to try the new McDonald's chocolate and blueberry pancake syrups kasi. Hehehe. Night shift was on holiday (forgot what US holiday it was... labor day? president's day?) so I didn't have to get them anything. Tipid! XDDD


Also, on the day after my birthday, my sister gave birth to my first first-degree pamangkin! Imagine that, our Amazon family now has an actual human boy! (Of course, Squall will always be our original 'only boy'. Even if kuya na siya ngayon. :D)

Cutie cutie Aki

I get him pink stuff and his mom only laughs, but I think his dad isn't too amused.
16th-Aug-2013 02:20 pm - kakaotalk
I am a bit happy-sad that KakaoTalk is bringing TOP to Manila for a Lucky Fans Night. Happy because TOP's coming here. Sad because they chose TOP to bring here instead of G-Dragon.

However, I'm mostly relieved. With TOP, I can just accept the fact that I won't be seeing him in person. If it were GD, there would probably be a lot of gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair and assorted so-near-yet-so-far DRAMA. I mean, even if I downloaded KakaoTalk to every phone in the house, what are the chances that I'll be chosen as one of the lucky 20 people who'd get an invite to the M&G, right? XDD


Meanwhile, my officemate Andee wants to strangle Sarah G for her great luck to be 'skinship' with TOP (whatever that means haha!).
15th-Aug-2013 02:50 pm - la dee da
It's been two days since my racket client contacted me, so his launch probably went well. It's a good feeling to laze around knowing I'm not procrastinating on any paid jobs.


Jane gave me copies of Hannibal (series). I tried to watch a couple of episodes but I just couldn't get into it. Guess I'm not in the mood for American stuff. What I crave is some Naruto Shippuden, but I haven't watched in years so I have mostly forgotten the plot, and I'm too lazy to download from the beginning.

What do I do with all this free time...


Drove to work today. Another first! It took me longer to get to the office than when I took public transport, though. Ugh. Also, parking is 100 pesos for the day (not to mention gas). I only spend less than 100 pesos total if I take a shuttle to work, and it's a pretty easy and comfy commute (except for that super-freak incident last Tuesday when I couldn't get a ride).

There's really no incentive to me driving the car to work, except that my uncle said the brakes would rust if I don't use it often. Is that true?


Sarah G has a KakaoTalk TV ad with G-Dragon, where they're supposed to be chatting with each other. In Tagalog. LOL! Oh well. I guess I'm just a bit jelly that she appears on the same ad as GD (even if it's fake).
14th-Aug-2013 03:08 pm - commutative stuff
It was raining buckets all through the night yesterday and I had a hard time convincing myself to get up in the morning. Eventually did, though, because I remembered we had another 4-day week coming up anyway, so it's a dang waste to use up a sick leave this week. However, I stood at Ortigas extension for over an hour waiting to get a ride without getting lucky. Called it quits when I was still there at 6:35am (I would have been 5 minutes late to work already, even if I somehow managed to teleport myself to the office).

Went home only to remember that I had to go to the bank. Car was banned from the roads yesterday (number-coding scheme), so I had to wait for the allowable window before I could drive out (9am to 4pm for Pasig City, FYI).

Achievements unlocked:
1) Drove alone at Ortigas extension,
2) took a U-turn at a main road (U-turns scare me. A lot.), and
3) parked at a real bay parking lot occupied by lots of cars.

Truth be told, I wasn't able to park well. I ended up at the space beside the one I was aiming for. Hahaha! Good thing it was another free space. Otherwise, I would have totally rammed into the vehicle occupying it. XDDD

And the U-turn wasn't that great an achievement, either. I was supposed to take the first one, but the vehicles there were bumper-to-bumper, and I couldn't stick my car in. So I drove ahead to the next U-turn slot where there were less cars. Hehehe.

After my quick errand at the bank, I practiced backwards parking at the supermarket parking lot near our village. It's always near-deserted so it was pretty safe to tinker around in. My car always ends up at the slot beside the one I'm gunning for, though. Isn't that weird? Well, at least now I sort of know where my car is going to go when I (try to) park. :D

Jane said it would probably take me a month to become adept at driving. I'm not so confident. ^^;
3rd-Aug-2013 08:37 pm - the amazons have wheels!
♥♥♥ Got this yesterday:


And I drove home from Buendia with just my sister (no instructors)! First time~!!


I'll wait for all the paperwork to be in my hands before I write more about this. Mahirap na, baka ma-jinx. ;D
Before taking my driver's license test, I tried looking for tips and detailed information on the practical driving part, but I had a difficult time finding any. There was a lot of resources and tips on the process, as well as the written part (there's even a sample test!), but none about the actual driving part that was helpful. This is weird, because I'm sure a lot of newbie drivers out there, like me, are more unsure about the practical part than theory. So I'll share with everyone my experience and observations here. :)

The (Dreaded) Practical Exam

Don't fret, looking back at the actual driving exam from the, ehem, licensed side of the fence, I can definitely say that it's pretty easy to pass. I'm not saying the test was easy, though (it's not, especially for people who only clocked about 20ish driving hours, which I think is the standard for driving schools). But it's easy to pass. Let me explain.

The actual driving test course at LTO East Avenue is a squarish area, with roads on the four sides, and parking spaces in the middle. Three of the roads (the first three you'll drive through) are flat, and the last one is elevated, like a bridge, and then you'll be back where you started. Here's a rough diagram:

These are my observations from the longish time I sat around the waiting area for my turn at the practical test. I'm not sure if these are true for all days, but they're the basic patterns when I was there. I think I watched around 20 people take the exam before my turn came.

Course A - For those getting driving school assistance

If you're taking the exam through a driving school, you won't need to rent a vehicle from LTO because the school provides one for you to use. Those from Smart Driving school will be assigned to an oldish sedan, and I met some from Red (?) Driving School and A1, who were assigned to SUV-type vehicles (FX, etc).

The representative from your driving school will ride at the backseat, while the examiner will be on the passenger seat. The exam begins already on the road part (see A Course Start/End on the diagram).

You'll be asked to go straight ahead, take a left, and then another left into the parking bay area, and then right to exit (see arrows marked A on the diagram). After you have exited the parking bay area, you will be asked to turn left, keep to your lane, and get on the elevated road. After that is another left turn, and you're back where you started, and your test is done. :)

The most difficult parts of this exam are the tight turns (into the parking bay and out), and then the consequent immediate turn onto the elevated ramp.

My car almost stalled at the beginning of the course (the driving school rep asked the examiner to turn off the AC to give more power to the engine), was jerky at the bay parking area (the examiner suggested I press on the clutch a bit more), and completely stalled at the elevated ramp (headdesk!). But I still passed! XDDD

By the way, I applied for a manual restriction. But according to my sister, if you're getting A1 driving school assistance for an automatic, they'll also make you use a manual car, but the examiner / driving school rep will be the one operating the gears for you. LOL!

Course B - For those without driving school assistance

If you're not getting driving school assistance, you'll either have to rent a test car (a Suzuki compact), or bring your own. I didn't see anyone bring their own car, so I don't have any observations on that, but it will probably follow the same pattern as Course A.

If you've rented a test car, your course will begin with the car at a parking slot (see B Course Start/End on the diagram), so you'll need to pull out of that space first. The car will be facing the road, without any other cars beside it, so this part is relatively easy. The examiner will then ask you to drive once around the track (just through the three perpendicular roads and the elevated one, you won't be asked to go through the bay parking area). After you bring the car back to the starting point, you will be asked to reverse park onto the parking space where your test car came from.

The most difficult part of this test is the parking, obviously, so you'll need to review this one. (There won't be any other cars beside the parking slot so it won't be that hard.)

There was an examinee who took over 15 minutes just trying to park in reverse. The examiner was already rubbing his forehead hahaha! But the person still passed! :D


So, as you can see, the practical driving test is not really that easy for beginner drivers, but it IS easy to pass. I don't think there was anyone there with us who failed that day.

Good luck!!

Oh, actually, I have another tip: After your practical driving test, you'll be asked to proceed to Window 13 to wait for your license to be released. If you're hungry, you can go out and eat at this time because it will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour before your license will be ready. :)
11th-Jul-2013 03:23 pm - throwback thursday
Hehehe. Wala, nakita ko lang ito sa FB:

People I used to know

*points to the one in the middle*

Same lang pala ang peg ko dati hanggang ngayon. Payat na chinito. (At imposibleng maging akin.) LOL! Dead na dead ako dyan for a loooooong time! XDDDD
30th-Jun-2013 08:01 pm - people, people, people
My instructor from SMART Driving School kept urging me to keep driving when I stopped for a frightened dog in the middle of the street. He said the dog knows to run when the car is about to hit it. What an ass!

Is this what this school teaches their students? I'm sorry, but I'd really rather not risk hurting any living thing just to get where I'm going faster.
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