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The Galaxy According To BalatStar
all five horizons revolve around my soul
18th-Jun-2013 10:26 am - driving lesson
Had my first 2-hour driving lesson yesterday.* I sucked. My engine kept stopping, even on flat roads. XD

I have a feeling I'll end up having to get an automatic. Boo.


*Technically not really my first because I took a course back when I was in college. But I've already forgotten about it, so there. ;P
14th-Jun-2013 09:19 am - nonsense Glay post
Glay in Taiwan

Glay in Taiwan

Takuro's pants!!! XDD

(Hay naiinlove talaga ako kay Hisashi. He's so pretty!! What is this I'm feeling, I just can't explain. Hahahaha! I need me some JiroHisa fics.)


Article + more photos. OMG. Mamamatay ako sa ka-cute-an ni Hisashi.

Last na:

12th-Jun-2013 01:12 pm - i just have to write this down
My cousin's 12-year-old dog Toya has been confined at the vet for 5 days now. She's on dextrose and a feeding tube, and isn't getting better. I think they're just waiting for her to go. It's breaking my heart, and I can't imagine how my cousin is feeling. She's had Toya for more than half her life. :(

I don't even know what will happen to me when Squall comes to this point. I dread it every day.

Kerstie and her children
My cousin Kerstie with Toya (left), and William, who passed away early this year
9th-Jun-2013 04:50 pm - Squall Sunday!
Family pic

Good morning!
Before anything else, here's a super-shortened summary of our HK trip written in Nihongo, for our Japanese class homework on adjectives. We were supposed to write about our favorite trip:

しゅくだいCollapse )

Hahaha! Yeah, it probably reads like something a first grader would write. XDD

Below is the full version in English (minus the Glay stuff, which I already talked about in a previous post). :D


My sister and I didn't really plan any itinerary before going on the trip. But she did ask her friend about transportation, so the first thing we did as soon as we landed (well, second, after getting some HK dollars from the ATM) was to get ourselves Octopus cards. As usual, I got to be the communicator. I seem to have this weird talent of making myself understood by (and being able to understand) people with different accents/languages. Which is weird considering I'm totally bad at speaking and communicating in everyday life. Anyway, Octopus cards are really useful especially if you plan on using the MTR a lot.

Marriott SkyCity
Taking selfies while waiting to be checked in.

Just as soon as we were able to check into the hotel, we shot off to Disneyland. We missed the hotel shuttle direct to the resort, so we got on the shuttle to Tung Chung station to take the MTR to Disneyland from there. But before going to Disneyland, we had lunch at the McDonald's at the Citygate mall in Tung Chung station and tried their limited edition Black and White burgers. I had the Black, and it was very good! It sort of tastes like the Big n' Tasty, but with a crumblier burger, and mashed potato dressing, and bacon. My sister had the White, which was a more peppery McChicken, also with mashed potato dressing and bacon.

Black and White burgers
Black and White limited edition burgers at McDonald's

I thought the MTR would be confusing, but it was actually pretty easy. The directions were all written in both English and Chinese. We were able to successfully make the transfer to the Disneyland express train, with the not-so-hidden Mickey windows and stuff. So cute!

Disneyland train
Disneyland train

There was a new attraction in Disneyland called Mystic Mountain. I think it opened a couple of months after my last visit there. It was great! It's their version of a haunted house, I think. The ride was sort of scary, with the sudden jolts and stops, and the lighting effects were amazing. I think it's one of my favorite attractions there, along with the Adventureland boat ride and Mickey's Golden Ticket show. We also waited around for the closing fireworks show, but I didn't enjoy it too much. I think because the sky was pretty clear and the humidity was a bit high, so the fireworks caused a lot of smoke and smog and didn't look so nice to look at. We took the MTR back to Tung Chung (because we missed the Disneyland hotel transport again haha!), and bought takeout roast duck dishes at the supermarket there. Those were nice! We forgot that we didn't have any dinner silverware at the hotel, so we had to use teaspoons (and our hands) to eat. XDDD

Entrance to HK Disneyland
My sis at the entrance to The Happiest Place on Earth

The next day was very rainy, so we mostly just stayed in the hotel. We did go to the Outlet store in Tung Chung for a bit, and had our lunch at the Food Republic. We looked at a lot of food stalls there, and ended up choosing the Taiwanese stall (if I remember correctly). The pork and meatball noodles I had was delicious! My sister's was nice, too, but I think I got the tastier dish again. LOL! After that, we looked at the outlet stores for a bit, but we weren't really in the mood to shop. We ended up buying a lot of sushi to eat for dinner because we knew we wouldn't have time to go out anymore after that evening's Glay concert.

Pork and meatball noodles at Food Republic, Citygate Outlet Mall, Tung Chung
Pork and Meatball Noodles, a must-try at Food Republic, City Gate Outlet Mall

On our third, and last, day in Hong Kong, we visited the Ladies' Market at Mong Kok. We didn't find anything we were interested in buying, though. I think we were both really not in the mood for shopping hahaha! Or maybe we were too early for the good stuff. A lot of stalls were still closed when we got there. After that, we decided to head over to the Avenue of Stars for a bit of sightseeing. Didn't enjoy the place, either. XDDDD It was just too hot and humid outside! (Obviously I'm not an outdoorsy person.) On our way back to the MTR from the harbor, we had a detour at the Soho mall to get a bit of airconditioning. And then we got lost trying to find the MTR station from there! But anyway, at one wrong turn, we found... a Dr. Martens shop! And we were both talking about forgetting to research where it was. Hehehe. Normally, I would think twice about buying because I had no idea how much those things cost back in Manila, but I didn't because it must be fate that brought us there, right??!! And then after we got out of the Dr. Martens shop, we saw the entrance to the MTR. :DDD

Avenue of the Stars
Obligatory photo at Jet Li's star

After that, we went back to the hotel to collect our bags, and then headed straight to the airport. The end! (Or is it?)

More Hong Kong photos (Flickr photoset)

Ayun. Glay Asia Tour (Hong Kong). Another one of my dreams fulfilled. Would you believe I waited nearly 14 years to see them perform live? Teru, Hisashi, Jiro and Takuro have grown quite a bit older since then, but their magic still remains the same. Sobrang nakakaiyak at nakakasenti. I wanted to go onstage and just hug them all. ♥♥♥

Glay Justice and Guilty Asia Tour
Glam shot. But that's how they were styled during the actual live.

Hisashi is really lovely in real life! I can't take my eyes off him. Mostly dedma lang siya pero may stage presence at ang lakas ng dating. And I love his outfit! Red plaid skirt-pants with knee-high brown boots. Black jacket at first, and then he changed to white after the intermission. Eye candy!

Hisashi had a majorish blooper during the intro of Beloved. It was so cute! He started to mess up just as Teru was about to enter with his vocal, and then just gave up with a jarring TWANG on his guitar. Hahahaha! Pampasira ng emote. Teru still went on singing, though (so professional!), but Hisashi stood up and stopped him, apologizing for his mistake. Sobrang cute talaga, I swear! I tried to look for a video upload on YouTube, but I don't think anyone captured it on video. Sayang... [Found a video!] The second time around, the cam focused on Hisashi na, and the audience was hooting at him. And then he grinned and giggled a little. Ayyyyy... my knees turned to jelly!

Video of Beloved with Hisashi messing up + Take 2Collapse )

Jiro... I kinda wish he were still in his kawaii cosplay stage. He's not as much fun all mature-looking e. His recent Beatles-ish styling makes him a bit boring to watch live, too. But I wantwantwant his black and pink sneakers! I wonder what brand that is. The rest of his clothes, though -- black pants and polo with tie. -.-;

Aliw naman ako when they performed Shutter Speeds! Who get! Real thing.. Who get, get! Success life... TeruxJiro shempre, pero oks lang! ♥

Teru is charismatic as ever, and very energetic. He doesn't stay in one place for long! Where does he get the energy? Tapos prime pa rin ang vocals niya ha, even when he's running around the stage like there's no tomorrow. And he can really get the audience going. Kahit corny at paulit-ulit na ang pinapakanta niya, talon talon pa rin kami to the max! Before the show, my sister said na baka raw antukin siya sa concert because she doesn't even know GLAY, but I told her she'll have fun because the vocalist is really hyper and charming. Well, Teru didn't disappoint. Okay naman daw ang show sabi ni sis. Yayy! :D


Surprise of the night was Takuro -- he's megahot in real life. My sis says he's who she constantly looked at, especially when his abs peek out of his shirt. Hahaha! I must admit, of all the GLAY members, he's the most well-preserved of all. He looks almost exactly as he looked 10 years or so ago. And his leeeeeeeeggsssss. Abot hanggang langit sa haba.

They performed only about two or three songs from their new albums. Of course, they opened with Justice from Guilty. E di hyper agad ang crowd! The rest were classics like Mermaid, Soul Love, Be With You, However, Just in Love, etc. The audience sang the birthday song for Takuro, who's celebrating his birthday the next day.

O-tanjoubi omedetou Takuro!

The long wait was truly worth it. Hopefully, I can get a Part 2. A stadium tour the next time, maybe? :D


Goods booth queue

That was the queue to the Tour Goods booth. I was afraid I would only be able to get useless towels and keychains when I got to the front of the line. I was wrong. There weren't even towels and keychains left! Just iPhone cases. And I don't have an iPhone! Huhuhu.... Hindi na kasi ako nagtanda, this happened to me during the Luna Sea live, too. Bakit ba ang damot ng Japanese bands sa goods? Ayaw ba nilang kumita? T____T

More Glay Live photos (Flickr set)
And for the win:

Benedict Cumberbatch guests on The Simpsons as the voice of the British Prime Minister... and Severus Snape!

20th-May-2013 01:58 pm - Benedict Cumberbatch
Because albatoudilandau was wondering why I wasn't saying anything about his hotness, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Benedict Cumberbatch in a trench coat
Oh so lovely in that trench coat (Star Trek Into Darkness)

In truth, Benedict Cumberbatch is nowhere near my type. Long face, pasty complexion, bland British features, meh. If I didn't see any of his films and I saw him in a magazine, I wouldn't even spare two glances at him. But the way he plays his characters, I can't help but fall in love! I adored his stoic, tunnel-vision hero Sherlock, and I love his uber-cool, raging villain spoilerCollapse )... He just has that certain flair. ♥♥♥


Come to think of it, maybe Cumberbatch's silky basso profundo has a lot to do with it. His voice makes me weak in the knees every time I hear it.

He sounds a lot like Alan Rickman. And Alan's also not my type but I'm in love with his Snape. Me and my obsession with fictional characters (with deep, deep voices and English accents)! XDDD
19th-May-2013 05:58 pm - Star Trek Into Darkness
live long and prosper
Just got back from watching Star Trek Into Darkness, and what can I say? I don't think I've been this excited after watching a movie in a long while. I mean, I've seen a few fun and enjoyable films the past years, but nothing that had me replay it over and over in my head, and made me hunger for fics and whatnot. I even thought I might have lost interest in fanfics, but I guess I'm just not getting the proper motivation. :)

Anyway. Time to dig this one out:

Kirk and Spock are so the OTP of OTPs.

Meanwhile, reboot!Spock should lose Uhura. I don't think it's just me; they really don't have any chemistry at all. May kinikilig ba sa scenes nila? I don't think so. While K/S "friendship" scenes always get reactions.

Also, Leonard Nimoy should stop with the cameos. I love him and all, but it's getting stale.


PS I have lost all my favorite K/S author bookmarks. Any recs out there? And are there any good fic writers for the reboot version?
18th-May-2013 08:26 pm - Happy 13th Birthday, Squall!
Squall's 13th Birthday

Squall's 13th Birthday

It's Squall's 13th birthday today! Can you believe it? If he were human, I'd already have a binata. I never imagined we'd be together this long, and I'm thankful for every minute that I have spent (and will be spending) with him.

My sister got Squall from her friend, whose dog gave birth to a litter of puppies. My sister had first dibs, so she chose the only black male, because most of the dogs we had were either red or brown. He ended up red when he became an adult, though! LOL!

When we first welcomed him in our home, I still had Zawie, so I didn't really bond with him that much. (I'm a loyal, one-dog human.) My dad was the one who took care of him, and then after my dad passed, my sister and her husband took over his care. It took a couple of years after Zawie's passing before I warmed up to Squall (and he to me). I was grieving and didn't fancy giving my heart up for another dog to break. But what can I do? Dogs have the talent to worm their way into your heart, no matter how much you try to wall them out.

I think the first time I realized how much I already care about Squall was when he had a fight with another dog -- he was bloody and bruised, and I wanted to take him to the vet but he wouldn't let me, and I got so panicky that I had to call my sister at work (or maybe in school, I don't remember). It took him a lot longer to trust me, and with his trust also came confidence (and a bit of spoiled-brattery), but then the rest is history. Now I dote on him and he tolerates me. Hahaha!

I can't imagine life without Squall, and my fervent wish for his birthday is to never find out. ♥

More photos (Flickr photoset)
What is this, why am I only updating once a month? >.<

Anyway, my life in bullets etc etc:

  • I am back to my very short pixie haircut. I'm too cheap to get my hair rebonded, and it's at the stage where it's horrible-hair-day everyday. So I had it all chopped off.

  • I got my hair dyed red. Again. This time it's KC Conception red. The color didn't suit my complexion the last time, it still doesn't suit me now. Makulit lang talaga. I'm a redhead-wannabe e. The vibrant red is fading pretty fast, though, thanks to this extreme hot spell which makes me want to take a shower three times a day!

  • My sis got mad at our helper and booted her out. What a bummer. I want to kick my sister's ass, but she's pregnant. Doesn't she know how hard it is to find decent househelp nowadays? Ours has been with us for eternity, and my sis kicks her out because of one hormone-induced argument. Kainis lang. And terrible timing. Squall is having hip trouble and I get so worried leaving him alone at home when it's acting up. :(

  • Candy Crush.
10th-Apr-2013 09:07 pm - i'm back!
Wow. It's been over a month since I last updated. *.*

Nothing much has been happening outside of work anyway, and lately it's been much too hot to turn on the desktop PC at home. (Yep, we're probably the only household in Manila who doesn't have a working AC.)


Well today I have an update. I passed the Japanese placement exam for beginner level. Yay! I didn't think I actually retained much from the language courses I took back in college. So yeah, this is probably mostly thanks to anime and jdrama. ;P

On hindsight, I think I should have taken the module 2 placement test, too. The beginner test was mostly reading comprehension (like those SRA stuff in grade school with a story/scenario first and then questions to answer after). But then again, I got a sorry score in the kanji section, so I guess not. :3

The examiner commented that I had bad handwriting. Hahaha! And then he took it back and said he wasn't really saying my handwriting was bad, just that I needed more practice. XDDDDDD Binawi pa e! Same rin naman! LOL! Well, he's right, anyway. I admit my handwriting is horrible. Not just with hiragana and katakana, but in general. I've never really written anything longer than a few words by hand ever since I started working on web design. Puro type-type na lang. Hehehe.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of taking beginner Korean, too. Hmmmm.
2nd-Mar-2013 09:56 pm - Forever21
Now I understand why lines form outside of Forever21 when they have a sale.

Went there today upon a tip from my sister (go to the areas the back, that's where the huge sale items are). I got the following gems at 75% off:

- chiffon(?) long-sleeved blouse for PhP 200+,
- black tulle tutu skirt with sequined waist for around 180 pesos (this is from their Girls line, but the XL size fits me just foine ^.^),
- lace mini-skirt for PhP 400+, and
- black long-sleeved vintage-cut lace dress with leather trim for PhP 300+ (I love this one!).

There were a lot of other stuff I was tempted to get, but unfortunately I don't really have more budget for clothes right now. Maybe next time! :D
25th-Feb-2013 01:56 pm - random updates from balatstarland
Remember when I said I thought I got a promotion but wasn't sure? Well, I've finally confirmed that I did. It was unexpectedly announced at an unscheduled GA, and then I was made to sign the paperwork after. And I got a tiny appraisal. :D

I actually don't know why I keep getting these promotions. It's not like I put myself out there. But it's a mixed blessing, really. Politicking people didn't use to have me on their radars, but now they're coming out of the woodwork. *sigh* Times like these I'm really glad I'm a rational-thinking, logical Virgo. Although sometimes even I am tempted to retaliate. So far, though, I've been able to keep my cool. Karma karma na lang yan. My happiness doesn't depend on anybody's approval anyway. The only thing I can do is my best. Basta ako, I know I'm not stepping on other people's toes or pulling other people down to get where I am.


It's my bedroom's turn to get renovated, so my PC has been disassembled and moved to the living room. Of course, the first thing I re-set up was the Wi-Fi. Because we need that like air now. Haha! Nasanay na. If I receive the files for my sideline work, If the urge to watch season 2 of Merlin is too great, I might set up my PC tonight as well.

Squall and I are homeless until the renovations are done (maybe 3 days?). I hope my sister doesn't kick us out of her room for making strange noises...


Marathoning Merlin. Talk about being late to the party! (The series ended December last year.) Haha!

The Arthur/Merlin slash doesn't take off until around episode 9 or 10. I have complaints about almost all the fight scenes involving the knights of Camelot (why are they always on foot?!). But, well, TV budget, what can we do? Arthur is far from my type, but his lopsided smile is adorable. I hope the actor doesn't get his teeth fixed in future seasons. ♥

Merlin is mostly irritating so far. He risks using magic when he doesn't really need to, and doesn't use magic when he does. Plus, whatever happened to that magic he used to heal Gwen's dad? He can't use it to heal other people anymore? :/

Final words for season 1: Pleasepleaseplease don't have Gwen and Arthur end up being together. They're so awkward!
17th-Feb-2013 10:22 pm - family lunch at Oasis Garden
Had a family lunch for Jane and her boyfriend, YR, today at the Gateway Mall. Mommy planned the whole thing, but Catin and I ended up paying. Wut? LOL!


I'm not there because I took the photo, so here's an earlier one with me in it:


I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but my sister Jane is preggers. Yay, finally! Our line won't end with us Amazons. XDD
13th-Feb-2013 11:25 pm - Around Singapore in 3 Days
For the rest of my Singapore trip, please go to my annotated photo set (Flickr).

My friend Sherelyn was kind enough to let me stay at their place, and also to tour me around during my short stay. (She also gave me some pocket money that I was supposed to deposit back in the Philippines in pesos, but she now insists we're just break even from a previous sideline I did for her so I don't have to deposit anything. Errr...)

boon lay stationI think I mostly just ate while I was there. Let's see... the first day I had a huge lunch at the McDonald's in Changi Airport (courtesy of Louie, who picked me up at the airport). And then some toast and mini kaya buns and milk coffee in the afternoon at the Star Centre Mall (also with Louie) while waiting for Sherelyn and Sam (and my concert ticket). And then we had huge bowls of noodles at EAT in Jurong Point Mall for dinner.

The second day we had breakfast at Subway before heading off to the cable car ride to Sentosa Island. And then we had a late lunch at the Malaysian Food Street there, where we had Nasi Briyani, satay, Hookien Mee (which I couldn't eat because it had prawns), and egg roti canai. And then we went to Orchard Road and had dinner at a park there with food stalls. I had a huge platter of fish and chips.

The third day, Sherelyn took me to Jurong Point for a Starbucks breakfast, where I had some sort of cheesy wrap that was really nice! We don't have it in the Philippines, boo! And then we went to Ikea, and we ate at the restaurant there, and I had a huge plate of salmon with mixed veggies and potatoes, and a bowl of clam chowder. Next we went to Cotton On, where there was an amazing sale. I got nice clothes for as low as $2! (These aren't tank tops and thin T-shirts, yeah? They're actual blouses and skirts!) And then we headed for Mustafa Mall, but there were so many people so we didn't stay long. We had dinner at a conveyor-belt sushi place at a mall near the station there. ♥♥♥ I ate a lot of unagi sushi and tako sashimi. Yumyumyum. And mochi. And potato korokke. And more. Louie and Sherelyn let me treat them here (finally). But I forgot to leave a tip for the waitress! Oh no! And after she asked if we were Filipino or Chinese (to which I said Filipino). Sorry! Baka may tatak na ang mga Pinoy sa resto na yun. T___T

Luna Sea

Super-delayed update, but as I've already posted previously, I flew to Singapore last February 8 to watch Luna Sea's show at the Star Performing Arts Theatre. I had second thoughts about going, mostly because I was already low on funds from last December's BigBang show in Hong Kong, but also because I'm not too into Luna Sea during the recent years anymore. I figured I already saw them perform live before anyway (at the hide memorial concert in 2008), so seeing them again wasn't such a big deal anymore. But I'm glad I decided to go. The show was so much fun, and I'm actually finding myself getting back into Luna Sea again!

I was also lucky because I found someone selling her LS Singapore Street team ticket, which was located on Row 4! I was very close to the stage and can almost touch the band (well, not really haha!). But I was close enough to be in the photos Sugizo took of the audience and posted on his FB page: photo with Sugizo, photo of the Singapore audience.

The ticket seller's friends (Yvonne and another guy I didn't catch the name of ^^;) were really nice as well. When they saw me, they immediately greeted me with, "Hi! You're the girl from the Philippines!" They were curious about the jpop/jrock scene here. I told them there's virtually no mainstream jpop scene here, because our Asian music preference is mostly for kpop. But they said that jpop is also on the decline in Singapore, compared to during the 90s. Oh well, we just have to do something about that. XDDD

I was shell-shocked when Ryuichi first appeared on stage, and when the rest of the guys came out, all my old Luna Sea feels just came rushing back. Sobrang parang bumilis ang heartbeat ko and I felt cold all over. I almost cried when they performed Gravity. I just couldn't stop jumping and screaming and shaking. Hay. Nakakawalang poise. And then I got goosebumps when Sugizo played the opening violins for Providence (I think I would have dropped dead if he played Until The Day I Die instead, pero nakakataas pa rin talaga ng balahibo). And to think I had second thoughts about going. First few songs pa lang, super worth it na ang effort at pamumulubi sa pagpunta.

Here's the complete set list.Collapse )

Funny fact: There was a small mirror on top of one of the big amps behind Sugizo, and he kept going there to check his face and hair at every break in their performance. Vain much? XDDD

I also met some other Luna Sea Slaves from Southeast Asia. Ang saya-saya!

asean slaves
Me, Mariz, Shuhaibah, Riko, Mae

I only know Mae from before, and she introduced me to the rest. They met each other at the Inoran/J Meet and Greet. I like Riko's outfit! She says she's going to be cosplaying Hisashi on the Glay tour. Too bad she's going to the Bangkok show so I won't be able to see her. Awwwwww.

More concert photos on Flickr. (Warning: I just uploaded everything from my cell cam, so there's a lot in there! ^.^)



I was too late to get a shirt and hoodie from the merchandise booth. T____T The tour goods sold out pretty quickly. When I got there, there were only towels and a few corny stuff left.
Yesterday, we had an impromptu General Assembly at work for our company's tenth anniversary, and I got called to speak in front. Ugh. I probably sounded like a complete ditz, as per usual when I'm forced to talk before a crowd. Parang interview portion lang sa Miss Universe. So squirm-inducing.

And then when another person was called after me, she just said "Happy Anniversary." Why didn't I think of that?!!!! 0.o

The boss treated us to a huge lunch at C2 Shang after the assembly, and I ate maybe an entire Crispy Pata serving, so worth na rin yung embarrassment. :)


I think I just got another promotion, but I'm not sure. Let's wait and see.



The first time I checked at HK Ticketing, the best seats recommended by the system was at Row R, but bathala said she didn't want anything beyond Row B (mataas ang expectations!), so I had to call her first. When she okayed it and I checked again, two seats at Row D opened up! (Someone probably missed the 10-minute waiting period for checkout haha!) LUCKY~~!!! ♥♥♥


Wenda treated us to lunch today at Rack's. With that big-ass lunch yesterday, my pre-Singapore diet is well and truly f***ed. Oh well. XD


Why are the Southeast Asian Luna Sea Slaves so young? Shouldn't the majority of their fans be in their late 20s or 30s by now? These kids were probably toddlers when Luna Sea was still active back in the day. Hehehe.
2nd-Feb-2013 08:38 pm - hi!
live long and prosper
Between my horrible internet connection (PDLT is so retarded!), the busywork at the office, and the GLAY Facebook parties with fellow addicts bathala and cugami, I haven't been able to update my journal for over two weeks.

Anyway, just checking in to say hello, friends! It's going to be a hectic week next week, so I probably won't be able to post anything coherent until after the Chinese New Year. :)


My good friend Sherelyn helped me make arrangements for the End of the Dream concert in Singapore on Friday. She got me the ticket (4th row center w00t!), and she's letting me stay with her because I can't afford a hotel. Hahaha! I hope her husband doesn't mind too much. :DDD

Luna Sea End of the Dream Tour

I'm spending my CNY in Singapore. ♥♥♥


I almost forgot to mention: I met another random person who recognized me from my Saber Marionette Lime cosplay way back in 2000! I mean, I know my face is pretty distinctive because of my birthmark, but to actually remember that they saw me at that event... wow! Our costumes weren't even that good. Haha!

And in other news, my sister gave me her Sony Xperia! I finally own a smartphone (and a smartphone endorsed by Arashi, no less). Hindi na dyahe maglabas ng phone sa first-world countries. LOL!
17th-Jan-2013 08:45 pm - Lanfear
Someone I knew from college recently told me I sort of look like Seamas Gallagher's Lanfear:

Lanfear Seamas Gallagher

Hahaha! He must have forgotten what I actually look like because we haven't seen each other for more than a year. Still, I'm glad to know he imagines me being THAT pretty! XD
Here it is! After almost 20 years of following the epic Wheel of Time saga, I finally have in my hands the heavily-anticipated, thrice-delayed concluding novel, A Memory of Light. I hope the wait was worth it. I'm so excited to dig in! (Actually, I'm already well into the prologue haha!)

A Memory of Light cover

I noticed straight away that the Rand on the AMOL cover art is nicely painted. He isn't depicted as a short, fugly, old man, but more like his descriptions from the book (tall, young and somewhat attractive). I actually have no complaints! So I did a search, and apparently the original artist (Darrell K.Sweet) passed away before he could complete the final cover. That's sad. But I can't say I'll miss his work. Anyway, here's the article with images of his covers. You have to agree that the AMOL cover by Michael Whelan is a nicer reading reference than any of Sweet's.

The paper used for the TOR hardcover is not the same thick, high-quality paper usually used on these releases. It's thin and more like paperback paper. Maybe it's so that the physical book won't be so heavy. I guess it's okay. The book is thick enough as it is.

Semi-live read-through reactions Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!Collapse )

Okay, I'm done! Still not a fan of Brandon Sanderson (and I probably never will be). But at least I got the ending I've been waiting for for years. I guess I will always love Randland, no matter who writes it! ♥

And now time for a re-read of the entire series. Robert Jordan's writing. Yes.
Months frequently go by without me getting the urge to buy new clothes and shoes and other fashiony stuff. But the one month I restrict myself from buying anything, I start seeing a lot of things I absolutely have to get! >.< I just don't know. I guess the holiday + post-holiday season is not the ideal time to cut down on spending.

So on the first weekend of my supposedly no-shopping month, I already bought myself a super-cute yellow blouse. (It was on sale for P100 so I guess that's okay?) And my mind's currently obsessing over a pair of Bench silver sneakers on sale at 50% off (and in my size), and a gray plaid dress with leather straps (super-original design, and it's only P205). And, oh, those ubiquitous floral shorts! Should I get them or not?


Meanwhile, I've (mostly) decided not to go to the Luna Sea concert in Hong Kong this February. I'm just not as excited about it as I should be. Maybe it's not yet time. Anyway, I've already seen them play before so it's not like I'm missing my chance at seeing them. And I'm thinking they'll probably be playing bigger venues/shows in the future, anyway.

Hopefully, I don't change my mind when the concert date draws near and the plane fare and accommodation rates shoot sky-high. Hahaha! That sometimes happens to me, and when it does nothing can stop me from going! XD

However, my spontaneous, last-minute urges to go abroad for concerts yield the highest level of enjoyment, so I won't really wish to change that about myself. Without that randomness, I'd just be another boring old crone. ;P
2nd-Jan-2013 08:22 pm - Japan Dreams (again)
I was tagging my old Japan travel posts when I read the part where I promised myself I'd go back there every year. It's been over four years since. :(

Apparently I also promised myself I'd be more conversant in Japanese the next time I go, but I think I'm worse now than I was then.

But I had so much fun! ♥♥♥ I really should go visit again soon.
live long and prosper
I think the universe has sort of punished me this year for complaining about 2011 being boring on my previous year's recap. This year was anything but! I would have been ecstatic if all the excitement was fun and shiny, but a good deal were stressful and made me want to poke people's eyes out. Well, actually all the stressful bits were work-related and only involved a couple of major major asshats, and I think I came up somewhat on top near the end there, so I guess I'm still pretty lucky.

I won't go into detail about the bad stuff from 2012 because it's not worth rehashing, but here are some of the great moments.Collapse )


Now for the resolutions and goals part. These are from last year.Collapse )


This year, I think I'll also be making only a few resolutions:

1. Stop letting people bully me or treat me like sh*t. If they don't like me and what I do, then tough luck. Next year, peg ko si Cherry J. for her focus and her no-nonsense approach. No more Miss Nice Joyce. I'm not vying for the popularity vote. Kanilang kanila na yun!

2. Save up for a car!!!

3. Learn how to do my own make-up.

4. Spend my vacation in Japan. By hook or by crook.
30th-Dec-2012 11:07 am - Holiday Meets with Friends (Picspam)
Meet-up with the TDP lunchies at The Fort (December 26):

Rack's, The Fort Strip
Having a late lunch at Rack's with Melai, Jester, Sherelyn, Louie, and Des.

with Sam
With Sam, my inaanak, at Bo's.


Tagaytay Road Trip with my best friends from college (December 28):

Having lunch at Leslie's with Lolo, Cali, Aireen, Funji, and Aenea. Food here at Leslie's wasn't great. At all. And our server was suplado (he turned his back on us while we were still confirming our orders for drinks). Highly not recommended.

People's Park
At People's Park with Funji and Aireen. People's Park looks good in photos, but sadly, the place just isn't worth visiting anymore. The place is dilapidated and looks like a palengke. The entire lower level is filled with tiangge stalls. I wonder where the P30 entrance fee per head is being used for.

Three more...Collapse )

More Tagaytay photos (FB album, friends locked.)
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